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Hired Cannibals


I can't believe you made it!


A new take on an old favorite: HU's ON FIRST (By James Sherman)


A Woman's Christmas Lament


Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road?  Politically Incorrect Responses.


Management Lesson?


Soldier Of Honor


I Wanna Be A Female Bear…


What It Means To Be Poor


You Know You Are In Pennsylvania When


From the New Bureau of Standards


Are You As Smart As You Think?


Rules for Driving in Southwestern PA


This is a Test of the Emergency Friendship System


Auto Parts Store Confused


Smile Starter


Chocolate Humor


Creepy! Does It Really Work?


How to spot a terrorist in Lancaster County (Pennsylvania)


Where Do Our Taxes Go? .... Expensive Pen!


Real (Funny) School Excuses


Where did those common expressions come from?


Are you from Pittsburgh? You know you're from western PA when...


The Perfect Couple


Are You Up To Date On Your State Mottos?


Pittsburgh Firsts - Pittsburgh was the first city in the world to do a lot of neat things! Here are a few of the best known.


How Can You Live Without Knowing These Things?


Generation X Test: If you don't remember more than five of these, then you qualify as a member of Generation X!


Weakest Link Test

Updated September 18, 2015