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40 Years of MUSTANGS

20 Years of SALEENS

April 15 - 18, 2004

Photos Day 1: April 15, 2004


1963 Mustang Concept Car


2005 Mustang


Shelby Mustang


Steve Saleen


Saleen Display


Saleen S7






Saleen Focus N2O

With Nitrous


Photos Day 2: April 16, 2004


Saleen, Inc. and

Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Club

Celebrate Saleen 20th Anniversary

Governor's Ballroom Opryland Hotel

Nashville, Tennessee






Steve Saleen proudly announced that Popular Mechanics named the Saleen S7 as the All-time fastest car.  The Ford GT, which is being produced by SSV, Saleen Specialty Vehicles in Troy Michigan, was named the Second All-time fastest car.


Steve Saleen




Saleen Anniversary SA 20





Saleen S7






Travcar's 1997 Supercharged Saleen S351






Saleen Focus N2O With Nitrous


Photos Day 3: April 17, 2004

Nashville, Tennessee

Steve Saleen took time to autograph his "Art Work" .



Over 100 Saleens


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