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Supercharged Saleen S281 #07-0014



If you thought you couldn't have a Saleen Mustang because you didn't want a manual transmission, Saleens are available with an optional automatic transmission. If you thought a performance car had to be a stick to be fun to drive, you haven't driven a Supercharged S281 Saleen Mustang with 475 hp. No manual shifting means no lost time between shifts and no hitting the wrong gear at crucial moments. Don't knock what you haven't tried. You won't get tired knees when you’re stuck in that annoying traffic jam. Just relax and enjoy the instant, smooth, powerful response. 


Out of 1,628 2007 S281 Saleen Mustangs produced, this one is #0014. Its Saleen ID is #07-0014. To get the low number, it was ordered on August 14, 2006 and produced at the Irvine, California Saleen, Inc. facility. It is a supercharged grabber orange speedster with Saleen leather seats. It has optional automatic transmission, 20” Pirelli tires, 7 spoke chrome wheel and tire upgrade, HID headlamps, and speedster package (light bar and tonneau cover). From the Saleen authentication letter: “The records also indicate your Saleen is 1 of 1 with these exact colors and options. There were 1,628 manufactured in 2007. Of the 1,628 produced, 415 were S281 S/C. 115 convertibles, and 8 were produced in grabber orange and 3 were automatic.”  Out of the whole 2007 production of 1,628 S281 Saleen Mustangs, 176 were automatic, 52 were Grabber Orange, and 227 were convertible.


2007 Saleen S281 Production Data from the authentication letter for 2007 Supercharged S281 #07-0014 & data received by phone from Saleen in 2008.


Total 2007 S281 Saleens 1628

          Total S281 Saleen Coupes 1401

                    S281 Coupe     1101

                    S281 Coupe SC 300

Total S281 Saleen Convertibles 227

          S281 Convertibles       112

          S281 Convertibles SC 115


I have 19 photos of the car on the production line at Saleen in Irvine, California. I also have 18 photos of the car coming off the truck when it was delivered to the Ford dealer. A feature article showing the photos was in the Saleen Owners and Enthusiasts Newsletter, Summer 2007 Edition. A four page feature article appeared in the April 2010 Mustang Milestones, presented once a year by Mustang & Ford Trader.


The dash and tonneau cover have been autographed by Steve Saleen. The inside trunk lid has been autographed by Liz, Molly, Sean, and Clint Saleen. It has appeared as a display car at numerous shows with Steve Saleen. The color Grabber Orange with the tonneau cover attracts admirers from a distance. It stands out in the crowd for its awesome, distinctive look. 


The car is a S281 Saleen Mustang Convertible with an extremely desirable low ID number, #14, and photo documentation that is generally unavailable.



 #07-0014 Supercharged S281 Grabber Orange Saleen convertible with the sport light bar, hard tonneau cover, leather Saleen seats, HID lights, and 7 spoke Saleen 20 inch chrome wheels.





Saleen S281 #07-0014

Supercharged 475 hp

Automatic transmission

Saleen 7 Spoke Chrome wheels

20” PZero Pirelli tires

Speedster Package - sport bar and tonneau cover

Saleen leather seats


























Above: Signatures on S281 #07-0014.  Steve Saleen’s signature on the dash and signatures in the trunk - Sean Saleen, Molly Saleen, Liz Saleen, and Clint Saleen.



Above: Liz Saleen signing S281 Saleen #07-0014 on August 10, 2008 in Atco, New Jersey.



Above:  Steve Saleen signing the tonneau cover of S281#07-0014 on October 15, 2010 in Bremen, Georgia.


Supercharged Saleen Mustang S281 #07-0014 featured in the April 2010 Mustang Milestones,

presented once a year by Mustang & Ford Trader.








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