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Call Derek Hall at Saleen, 714-400-2121


2935 Wardlow Rd.

Corona, California


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Bill Currie Ford

5815 N Dale Mabry Highway

Tampa, Florida 33614


For information, contact Zach Webb:

Cell: 864-328-7091


Above, left to right: Tim Joslin, General Manager; Jennifer Currie; Christy Vannette, Marketing; and Zach Webb, Sales.

If you are interest in a Saleen from Bill Currie Ford, Zach Webb is the Saleen sales contact:

Zach Webb Cell 864-328-7091


New York

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Friendly Ford Saleen Dealer

White Label, Yellow Label, and Black Label

Saleen 302 Mustangs


Friendly Ford is located in Upstate NY. The dealership is located halfway between Rochester and Syracuse, New York Routes 5 & 20, Geneva, New York. Itís a small family owned dealership. Currently we are the only Authorized Saleen dealer in the State of New York.

Your Friendly Ford contact is Dan Bremer, Saleen Owner. I've been a Mustang and race enthusiast for years. I've owned a number of foxbody Mustangs. Currently I am the proud owner of 1996 Saleen Convertible # 390. My goal is to add more Saleen's to the stable.If I can assist you, please contact me.

Dan Bremer, 315-871-7454


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Bud Smail Ford

5110 U.S. 30

Greensburg, PA 15601

For information, contact Jeff Dohallow:


South Dakota

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November 16, 2015